Short in-patient treatments after arthroscopic, minimally-invasive surgeries and in-patient stay after larger orthopedic surgeries e.g. osteotomy or total joint replacements (prosthetics) can be carried out at two associated clinics. Depending on the kind and complexity of the surgery, personal risks and homely environment (family/flat/residence) an in-patient stay might be more advisable. The optimal treatment strategy is developed and the best solution corresponding to the individual patient is advised.

Viktoria Klinik Bochum

Viktoria Klinik BochumLocated at the same location, embedded in the “medical concept of short steps” in the Viktoria Haus the Viktoria Klinik Bochum, a private clinic headed by Dr. med. A. Rosenthal offers highly specialized, innovative and international approved treatments in a comfortable and exclusive hotel atmosphere.

Ev. Krankenhaus Castrop-Rauxel

Ev. Krankenhaus Castrop-RauxelThe best conducted and equipped house of basic and regular care provides patients of each health insurance the opportunity for in-patient treatment and carrying out surgeries by the physicians of the orthopedic practice. Patients with supplementary insurance join the status of private patients and moreover are entitled to optional benefits and sophisticated comfort in one-bed or two-bed rooms.