Orthopedic private practice

This orthopedic private practice and practice clinic, which specializes on nonsurgical and arthroscopic therapy of joint diseases due to injury and degenerative joint diseases, sports injuries and sports medicine. It was founded by Dr. med. A. Rosenthal in 1992 and ranks among the top-rated competence centers for specialized joint surgery in Germany.

Dr. med. A. Rosenthal is highly experienced in arthroscopic technique and has been since the beginnings of the technique. He now has more than 40.000 arthroscopic surgeries carried out by himself. In acknowledgement of his qualification he again is listed as knee specialist for anterior/posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, cartilage repair methods and meniscus treatment in the “FOCUS-Ärzteliste” of top-ranked physicians in Germany.

With Dr. med. B. Schubert as a specialist for nonsurgical diagnosis and treatment and the other specializing in their respective fields physicians the range of treatment could be expanded to nearly all joint diseases, injuries and disorders of extremities.

The orthopedic private practice is an academic institution of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Due to longstanding experience and focusing on the different specialized fields it is possible for us to offer a maximum of functional competence and professional care.