Philosophy – vision and mission

Medical requirement

Competency, quality and medical safety by specialization: Our longtime experience and the specialization on the different fields of orthopedic medicine enable us to achieve the best possible results. The use of medical top technology and our continuous scientific exchange of experience are taken for granted.

Regardless of whether you are a professional athletic, amateur athletic or even to counteract against painful exercising due to acute injuries and degenerative joint diseases – the whole team is focused on his or her special fields and therefore, we are enabled to offer a highly competent and professional treatment.


The focus of our high quality is set on highly specialized and continuous education and training of the whole team. As a result we are enabled to offer highly specialized nonsurgical and surgical treatment on the state–of–the–art medicine.

By focusing on our special fields we are able to avoid the problem of germs.

Preparation and sterilization meet the requirements of all current quality specifications, current hygienically standards and the Medical Devices Act.

Patient orientation

With the preservation and recovery of painless exercising we would like to contribute to your physical health and quality of living. Our experience on the other hand can arouse questions – we will inform you comprehensively. Together we develop a treatment matched to your needs.