The Viktoria Klinik Bochum embedded in the Viktoria Haus was built in 2007. The use of latest instrumental diagnostic methods and treatment and advanced surgical techniques allows the opportunity to work fastly, effectively and precisely.

The medical infrastructure within the Viktoria Haus, which is best adapted for your treatment, enables us to do everything possible - from the diagnosis via surgical techniques through to postoperative care to carry out your treatment effectively.

orthopedicpraxis/practice clinic Dr. med. A. Rosenthal, Dr. med. B. Schubert, Dr. med. N. Stais, Dr. med. P. Ingelfinger, Dr. med. K. Hanswille, Dr. med. K. Ruhnau, Dr. med.-univ. W. Kirchner Dr. med. Theodoros Theodoridis – Facharzt für orthopedic, spezielle Orthopädische Chirurgie, Sportmedizin, Chirotherapie Reha Pro-Med – Orthopedic practice für Physiotherapie und ambulante Rehabilitation GmbH Orthopädische Magnet Resonanz Tomographie GmbH Dr. med. Ellinor Köllerer Facharzt für radiologische Diagnostik blaue apotheke VIKTORIA KLINIK BOCHUM Care Center Rhein-Ruhr PASTA viva la mamma!